What is XR47®PLUS
This is unique and effective combination of organic amino acids used in anti-aging therapy.
Highly effective additive produced in Switzerland using the best raw materials.
Combination of L-glutamine, L-arginine, L-lysine and glycine, being beneficial to body functions, thereby slows down the aging process!
Dietary supplement is produced in accordance with the highest medical standards of Switzerland.
Product stimulates growth hormone release in human body affecting the improvement of physical indicators.
Safe and effective substance with a wide range of applications.
The secret of efficiency
  • 01. This is the only dietary supplement that has no analogues in the world and stimulates release of growth hormone (somatotropin STH). As it is scientifically proven, production of this hormone by the human body significantly reduces after the age of 25, and STH is an important stimulator of the immune system.
  • 02. Purity of amino acids is 99.7%. There are no existing analogues that would have such a great effect!
  • 03. Long-term use does not lead to any side effects.
  • 04. All components of the substance are natural and of plant origin, they can also be found in food products.
  • 05. It has a high membrane permeability, which ensures optimal supply of amino acids to corresponding body cells.
  • 06. Absorption without residues: 100% membrane permeability, even for elderly people.
  • 07. The product does not contain gluten and lactose.
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Doctors recommend XR47®PLUS in such cases
  • Chronic fatigue and rapid fatigability;
  • Erectile dysfunction, as well as a supportive measure;
  • Sleep problems;
  • To improve brain activity;
  • Decrease in immunity;
  • Common skin problems;
  • Diminished sexual libido and to support emotional balance
  • As a part of a weight control program;
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for athletes
  • As a supplement to improve the performance of professional athletes.
  • For maintain muscle growth and optimize the ratio of fat and muscle mass.
  • During sports training for endurance development;
  • Rapid increase in muscle strength during rapid recovery phase.
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Expert opinion Prof. DDr. Johannes Huber's
Opinion of the scientific consultant of STB Unternemungen GmbH, Professor of the University of Vienna, Ph.D. Johannes Huber, who has extensive experience in endocrinology, gynecology, gerontology. The author of books and scientific works.

“The importance of amino acids against the aging process has long been underestimated.”

Amino acids against aging
Expert Opinion, Doctor of Medical Sciences Thomas Spühler

“From my experience, XR47®PLUS - is a safe substance with a wide range of applications: in particular, for patients with chronic fatigue and easy fatigability, in sports training for endurance development, against erectile dysfunction and as a supplement against general skin problems.”

Amino Acid Value
Reviews satisfied buyers
Пол Кобель Дипл. Натуропат ДПС
Новый XR47Plus значительно лучше, чем XR46. Влияние на нервную систему впечатляет, пациенты могут гораздо лучше сфокусироваться и становятся более устойчивыми к истощению, к депрессии и т. д. После употребления XR47Plus глубокий сон длится дольше, и выздоровление пациентов происходит быстрее. Физические показатели повышаются почти у всех пациентов, а некоторые пациенты говорят о заметном расслаблении мышечного тонуса при мышечном напряжении. Могу с уверенностью сказать, что XR47Plus - это пищевая добавка самого высокого качества.
05. 06. 2018
Дэвид Ногач
3 месяца назад я начал употреблять препарат XR47Plus. Через короткое время я почувствовал лучшую концентрацию внимания, более глубокий сон и лучшее самочувствие во всех отношениях. Я употребляю XR47 ежедневно, и по сей день, и продолжаю тренироваться 5 раз в неделю. То, что происходит со мной, просто невероятно. За 3 месяца я сократил жировой процент с 25% до 18% и увеличил мышечную массу. Я вешу на 3 кг меньше, и я в отличной форме. Предполагаю, что мой обмен веществ работает намного лучше, чем раньше. То, чего я достиг физически и умственно за 3 месяца, просто невероятно. Для меня XR 47 - идеальное дополнение к моим тренировкам, поэтому я рекомендую его! Я никогда не думал, что вернусь в отличную форму в кратчайшие сроки. Я все ближе и ближе к своей цели и буду продолжать работать над собой.
21. 09. 2018
Барбара Краутхан
I had chronic ischiocrural pain for 6 years, it was especially felt after running. I started taking XR47Plus regularly and stopped feeling pain, my health improved and I’m not as prone to injuries as before. I even have a feeling that I have generally become more stable - not only physically, but also mentally. During sports training, I began to sweat more, which is a sure sign that something is happening with my metabolism! I recommended XR47Plus to my fitness trainer, and she is also delighted with the drug! She had a chronic inflammation of the Achilles tendon, and since XR47Plus has a very good effect on the healing process, it fit her perfectly. The drug has a neutral taste, which is nice to drink. I use XR47Plus daily because I am fully convinced of the effect of the drug
03. 12. 2018
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